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“we are within her, in tension

and there is so much to observe, constant little ceremonies to attend

for no charge at all, for free

the most generous and miraculous mother in all the universe (far as we know) is holding us every night and day even as we cut at her womb with machinery. I want to learn as much as I can about how to reciprocate what this earth gives to me. It is challenging, but it feels more important than nearly everything I can think of...”


-Adrianne Lenker

Artist Statement
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Growing up I spent almost all of my free time outdoors. The value, beauty, and magic of nature and our responsibility to treat the natural world with respect was instilled into my brain at a very young age. I was taught where everything I loved derived from, the earth. This did not exclude the people I cared for.   

We live in a world that has become more and more anthropocentric over time - shifting focus from a nuanced understanding of ecology and the interconnectedness of all life - to one that values human prosperity and proliferation above all else. This way of thinking has a ripple effect. We have felt these effects through issues including climate change and loss of biodiversity. 

My photographic and sculptural works explore the human relationship to the natural world. For both mediums, I have experimented jaxapositioning nature and the human form in attempts to remove the disconnect between the two.


The collages are constructed out of lumen and cyanotype alternative process photographs of organic materials through the use of digital tools. All sculptures have been casted in bronze at the Bradley University sculpture foundry using the lost wax process. 


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